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Volume 1 Number 2

1. Paul Cuffee's life is full of accomplishments. You may say that his attitude was one of freedom for all. Discuss his accomplishments in light of his times in comparison with today.

2. What is a "Quaker"?

3. Can you imagine a Black man owning a fleet of ships in the 1800's and traveling to the then known continents? What does that say about Paul Cuffee?

4. Research African Colonization and report on men who espoused this concept.

5. What are the two African countries that were involved in colonization?

6. Why do you think James Armistad made a good spy? He evidently had a complete understanding of the English language. Imagine how this might have come about?

7. Who were Cornwallis and Lafayette? What roles did they play in the American Revolution?

8. After the American Revolution why do you think that Blacks were still enslaved.