Harold Chick Booth

Harold (Chic) Booth, son of Mr. and Mrs. Emerson Booth, has been playing drums with Earl (Father) Hines for better than a year. He learned to like drums while playing with the Booker T. Washington Bugle and Drum Corps, and as his interest developed he sought the tutoring of a great musician, Mr. Earl Lawrence, who immediately saw the undeveloped assets and started to work to bring them to the surface. After graduating from East High School in 1941, Harold, studied very earnestly to master the profession he chose. Being an exceptionally apt student, Mr. Lawrence taught him many of the intricasies of the profession, that he had spent years and years to learn by experience. He played with several local bands to gain experience and won an audition with Blue Barron and his band when he was in Erie doing a stage show. Since then he has traveled from coast to coast and across both of the U.S. borders. His greatest ambition is to have his own band." -Cleveland Call and Post, January 13, 1945.

Harold "Chick" Booth died on Sept. 14, 2002 in St. Louis, MO at the age of 80. He performed on stage with jazz legends Earl "Fatha" Hines, Count Basie and Dizzy Gillespie. Chick appeared on the album "Big Band Jazz: The Jubilee Sessions 1943-1946," Lowell Fulson's "Complete Chess Masters," Earl Hines and his Orchestra 1945-1947 and other records.