Obituary of Hamilton Waters as published in the Christian Recorder (I will get the date in a few days)

Hamilton E. Waters, a venerable and well known colored man, died at Erie, Pennsylvania, a half past six, Tuesday morning, February 6th. The Erie evening Dispatch speaks of Mr. Waters as being a very remarkable man. He was born a slave, in Princess Ann, Somerset County, Maryland, about the year of 1800, and remained a slave until he was thirty years of age. In 1835, he went to Ithace, New York, and on the 20th of June, 1827, he married to Miss Lucinda Duncanson of that place, and on the following year he and his wife moved to Erie, where they lived till 1868, when Mrs. Waters died. Mr. Waters was a fearless and wide awake man, and for many years was a prominent member of the Underground Railroad. Though an honored member of St. Paul's P. E. Church, he spent much time with the Himrod Mission, of which he had been a member for thirty years. He had been blind for many years. The funeral ceremony was conducted by the Rector of St. Paul's P.E. Church, and was solemn and impressive; a large attendance of old friends and acquaintances were present. Mr. Waters was the half-brother of Rev. Henry Johnson of Ithace, and the uncle of Rev. R. H., and Prof. W. F. Johnson. He has left two daughter, Mrs. Elmendorf, now residing a the homestead; she is a graduate of Avery College, and possesses brilliant talents. The youngest, Miss Louisa C. Waters, was educated at Warren, Pennsylvania and has been Principal of the public school at Baton Rouge, LA.

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