The Erie Informer is a four week adventure for students and adults to actively participate in the learning of Black History. Newspapers and/or Newsletters have always been a vehicle to inform, educate and solicit sympathy for a cause. It is therefore the purpose of the Erie Informer to introduce to students and the community non traditional or rarely media exposed Blacks who made tremendous contributions to Black History. During Black History Month teachers can use the Erie Informer as a base for study for Black History.



Volume 1 Number 1

1. Why was there a need for a Black History Month?

2. Who was Dr. Carter G. Woodson?

3. Research and report on his entire life from birth to death.

4. What if there was no Black History Month at all, how would you feel?

5. Was Dr. Woodson's task an easy one?

6. Martin Delaney was born a free Black. What did that mean in 1812 for a Black person?

7. Research Pennsylvania's Gradual Abolition Act of 1780. Could that have been the impetus for Delaney's family to leave Virginia to go to Pennsylvania?

8. "Black Revolutionary War Soldiers" report to the class on your findings including names, battles, etc.

9. Write an historical essay about Blacks in battle from the Boston Massacre to the last Revolutionary engagement.

10. The first issue of the Erie Informer can be used as a starting point in constructing a time line of characters and events through all four issues. Present to the class and discuss.